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Can You Speed Up Tattoo Removal?

Sleeve tattoo on arm

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, but that doesn’t always last. Over time, as you change and grow, the tattoo may not express much of yourself anymore. And that’s fine!

Fortunately, unlike what it may seem, tattoos don’t have to be permanent. Laser tattoo removal works great at removing tattoos you no longer want.

The only downside to laser treatment is that it takes a long time to work. There are multiple sessions spaced out over several weeks - while it works, that’s a big chunk of time for a single tattoo.

So, can you speed up tattoo removal? Could you get rid of it faster? Let’s take a look.

Understanding the Tattoo Removal Process

Before looking at whether you can speed up the process, you should understand the process itself. Laser tattoo removal involves using specialised lasers that target the tattoo's ink. This ink is then broken down into small particles that your body’s immune system identifies as foreign objects and eliminates.

This process is very slow and gradual and requires a lot of patience, multiple sessions, and post-op care.

What Affects The Speed of Tattoo Removal?

The Tattoo

The tattoo's size, colour and density play a big role in how fast it’s removed. Larger tattoos will naturally take more sessions than smaller ones, for example. Darker ink colours will also respond better to the laser than others that need specific wavelengths.

So, depending on the tattoo, you could be done faster than usual, or you could need more time.

Skin Type & Colour

Your own skin type and colour also matter. These things affect how efficiently the laser can target the tattoo pigment. In general, lighter skin tones and darker tattoos are better since the contrast is greater, and the laser can target the tattoo more effectively.

With darker skin tones, technicians must be very careful to avoid pigmentation issues, so you may need more sessions.

Age & Quality of the Tattoo

Older tattoos tend to fade more easily compared to fresh and well-done ones. Professionally done tattoos are also more challenging to remove because the quality of the ink is typically very high and thus penetrates a lot deeper.

Individual Healing

Every person's healing process is unique, so the duration in which the tattoed area recovers can also vary. Depending on your age, overall health and immune system function, the tattoo removal site may heal faster or slower.


Follow the aftercare instructions properly. Avoid sun exposure, keep the area clean, and apply your medicines. Follow these instructions, and you’ll likely heal quickly. If you’re careless about the aftercare, you’re looking at a longer recovery time.

Can You Speed Up Tattoo Removal?

Now, let's address the burning question: can you speed up the tattoo removal process?

Naturally, if you’re trying to remove a tattoo, you want it gone as soon as possible. Whether that’s because of bad memories or to clear out space for a new tattoo, the important thing is that you don’t want the tattoo anymore.

But tattoo removal is a gradual and delicate process. Your body needs time to remove the broken-down ink particles, and the skin at the laser-treated site needs to heal. Trying to hurry up this process could result in complications, so it’s always best not to.

How to Speed Up Tattoo Removal

You can’t fast-forward through tattoo removal, but you can do a few things to make the healing process faster. Here are some of them.

Stay on Schedule

Your tattoo removal specialist will schedule your sessions based on how long they think it will take for you to heal. Stick to the schedule, and you’ll heal in time, if not earlier.

Stay Healthy

Are you tired of hearing everyone tell you to mind your health? We all are. But staying healthy is important for basically everything - including tattoo removal. Eat healthy, stay physically active and get enough sleep. When your body is healthy, your immune system works more effectively to eliminate the ink fragments.

Avoid the Sun

One of the most important things to remember is that sun exposure is bad for recovery. Always wear sunscreen, but it’s even better if you can cover the recovery site with clothing. Even with sunscreen, don’t stay out in the sun very long. Sun exposure doesn’t just slow down healing. It can also cause complications.


Practising good skincare can also help. Keep the area clean and moisturise it daily - or as your technician tells you to. Healthy skin will always heal faster.

Talk to Your Technician

To make sure you’re on the right track, keep in contact with your tattoo removal specialist. Discuss your progress with them and any concerns you may have. Because they know what your skin is like and the procedure, they can give you better, more personalised tips on what to do and how to speed up your recovery.

Advanced Techniques & Technologies

Traditional laser tattoo removal is still the gold standard, but newer technologies also keep popping up.

Picosecond lasers or combination treatments, for example, can get you results in fewer sessions, but you must ask a specialist about it before you make any decisions.

These technologies, while great, aren’t always suited for everyone. Your technician will be able to guide you better.

Be Patient & Have Realistic Expectations

As great as it would be to get your tattoo removed faster, this is not always possible. Sometimes, you’ll just have to live with it a little longer.

Be patient and trust the process. Your technician knows what they’re doing and what you should be doing to heal faster. As long as you follow their instructions, you’ll recover fairly quickly.

If you’re still considering getting your tattoo removed, you should consult a tattoo removal specialist like Counterpunch Tattoo Removal. We can give you all the info you need about the general timeline and how to speed up the process based on your tattoo, skin type and lifestyle.

Email us at or dial 0419 028 854 for more info!

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