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Despite being a Brisbane tattoo removal studio we love tattoos and the tattoo industry, but we understand that the art is continually developing and people’s interests change - you shouldn’t have to live with the choices you made when you initially got your tattoo.

That’s why we love helping people remove or simply fade their tattoos.

Whether you are getting a tattoo completely removed, faded for a cover-up or have an annoying part of a tattoo you just don't want anymore, our tattoo removal services can help you. Be assured you are in safe hands.

Our Owner/Operator is an avid tattoo collector. He has personally undergone laser tattoo removal as well as fading for cover-ups, providing a personal experience of the process in addition to his practical training and expert knowledge of laser tattoo removal.

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Our Owner/Operator and main technician has been around tattoo shops, artists and collectors for over 20 years and has a strong passion for the industry.


Our staff are not only fully qualified and licenced for tattoo removal treatment by the Queensland Government, but have been involved in the tattoo industry for over a decade and have personally gone through the laser tattoo removal process themselves; so they know exactly what you’re going through.

Queensland has some of the strictest laws and guidelines in the country when it comes to tattoo removal so you can be assured all technicians have been through rigorous training and only use the highest-grade medical lasers.

At Counterpunch Tattoo Removal we will also work in conjunction with your tattoo artist if you are fading for a cover-up, to ensure you get the best results.

After months of research and liaising with different laser companies, we pride ourselves on seeking the best in laser technology in Brisbane all the while providing an affordable service.

Our work


Rather than use generic photos supplied to us, the photo gallery below only displays photos and results of tattoo removal treatment in our Brisbane studio by our staff. 

In Studio Treatment Videos